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Fast, reliable dry cleaning

Cleaning for all materials

Textile Restoration

Whether you need to remove coffee stains from your best suit before a presentation or clean your favorite dress for a wedding reception, you can always rely on us.


Dry Cleaning Services

From fur coats and wedding dresses to all types of curtains, our employees take great care to ensure safe, thorough cleaning for any garment or drapery you entrust to us.


Look for the Location Closest To You

We are skilled fabricate specialists dedicated to the restoration of garments, textiles and soft goods that have been affected by loss.


Textile Restoration

Your source for professional dry cleaning since 1923

For over 90 years, every member of our staff has taken pride in delivering exceptional care and attention to all of your garments.  Today, our top notch service is available to you in five locations throughout Pennsylvania, ensuring prompt, reliable dry cleaning is always nearby during your hour of need.

Have a cleaning question?  Call our main office today.


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